AvGround - Ihr Partner für das Vorfeld von morgen

Who we are and what we do

EFM (Gesellschaft für Enteisen und Flugzeugschleppen am Flughafen München mbH) was formed as a joint subsidiary of Lufthansa and Munich Airport in 1992. Lufthansa Commercial Holding GmbH, a subsidiary of Lufthansa, holds a 51 percent share in the company, with the remaining 49 percent held by Munich Airport.

EFM has specialized in pushback and towing, de-icing (including engine de-icing) and air conditioning of aircraft at Munich Airport. We also act as consultants for other companies, provide training and offer technical support. Under the AvGround brand name we have pooled our services in the field of digital process management for ground handling.

Our consulting work is backed by the experience and know-how of our managers and specialists. Most of our suggested improvements, new processes, communication structures, IT applications and other initiatives have undergone testing in our own operations. Our involvement in international organizations keeps us in touch with the latest technologies, gives us access to cutting-edge developments and trends, and allows us to play a formative role in international processes and regulations.

EFM employs 118 people, including 102 tractor drivers and de-icers. Our fleet includes 24 towing tractors and 24 de-icing vehicles. For air conditioning purposes, we have two air conditioning vehicles and three heating units. Each year, EFM moves as many as 160,000 aircraft and carries out up to 13,000 de-icing operations.

Customer satisfaction is our highest quality objective and is the guiding principle for all of our activities. Consequently, EFM"s quality management has been certified under ISO 9001 since July 1997. Environmental responsibility is another defining aspect of our commitment to quality. Environmental protection is an integral part of our quality management and our environmental management has been certified under ISO 14001 since July 2003.