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Mobile clients

We provide advice in the selection of suitable vehicle terminals and facilitate the technological coordination between manufacturers and service providers. Experienced technicians handle the entire process of installation, retooling and functionality testing, and leave you with vehicles that are ready to roll. Our range of services naturally includes an introductory briefing, training and ongoing support.

UniDat industrial PCs for use in airport vehicles

  • IP65 protection standard
  • Dust-tight and safe from water jets
  • Vibration-proof (10g)
  • Shock-proof (20g)
  • Sunlight-readable displays
  • Reliable even at extreme temperatures

The UniDat series by our partner Solcon Systemtechnik GmbH is an open, PC-based system. The touch screen terminals with their milled aluminium casings are ideally protected against dirt, moisture, vibrations etc., and can thus be used in extreme working environments. The state-of-the art sunlight readable monitor technology allows operations under brighter than average conditions.

The integrated heater allows the terminals to be used even at extremely low temperatures. In summer the power-saving LowPower processors ensure that the devices "keep their cool" when exposed to direct sunlight. High-performance wireless components ensure reliable data communications.

UniDat interfaces for capturing telemetric data

The UniDat family of industrial computers can be complemented by various interface processors to allow the capture of telemetry data from vehicles. This serves as the basis for smooth processes and cost-effective data analysis. Telemetry data create transparency in deployment processes, operational hours, downtime and workshop operations, thus enabling you to analyze costs and equipment requirements. You can capture all required vehicle data via PLC interfaces, modems or sensors that we develop and install with reliable partners.